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60s fashion style inspiration for a Classic Look

Nowadays, many people are interested in 60s fashion style inspiration because they want to look classic in a modern world. The style is divided into three categories; early 1960s, mid-1960s, and late 1960s. Every category has a special style of clothing. But, all of them are almost similar one to another since they are still in the same decade.

 In early 1960s, the 60s fashion style inspiration is represented from Jackie Kennedy look. Feminine look is popular in this era. It stands for upper class society’s style. Women at that time wore skirts and dresses in modest look. Pants were not popular at this wear. For social events, women wore gloves and high heels. Meanwhile, for a daily wear, the most common style was shirtwaist dresses.

In the mid-1960s, miniskirt was first introduced. It became the most popular 60s fashion style inspiration. The miniskirt came in various hemlines with colorful tights. The miniskirts were often paired with leg covering under flat shoes. You might be interested in reading Celebrity fashion Tips.

60s Fashion Style

60s Fashion Style 2012

60s Fashion Style Trends

When it came to the late 1960s, the trend was Hippie fashions. In this trend, both women and men let their hair grew long. To add statement, sandals and long skirts were worn. Are you interested with the 60s fashion style inspiration?


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