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Best Couple Halloween Costume in the Simple Way

Best couple Halloween costume is meant for you and your partner. Who says that adults cannot have fun in Halloween celebration? In this moment, you can make the statement by wearing the right costume. Wearing the impressive costume that will make you stand out in the crowd does not have to be expensive and complicated. In fact, you can get them easily and simply. All you have to do is just making the costumes at your home. If you cannot get the things at home, you can shop them at the toy store or the craft supply.

The First Ideas

Cowboy and cowgirl will never fail to impress. It may sound simple, yet you can be sure that the old-fashioned look like this will be nice as best couple Halloween costume. The clothes are easy. Pair of jeans is for the cowboy, while the denim skirt in short cut is for the cowgirl. When it comes to the shirt, both of them can wear the western style shirt that is combined with vest and jacket. Do not forget to use boots and cowboy hat. Or, you can be gangster and flapper.  For the man, he can wear neutral color ties in black shirt, zoo suit, and fedora hat. Black and white shoes will be suit best. Do not forget go add toy gun. The woman can use fringed dress and open toe shoes for the footwear. Do not forget to use the accessories, like pearl necklace, hair band, and such.

The Next Idea

Disco couple can also be nice. For the man, he can wear Saturday night fever look. It can be worn in vest and three-piece suit in white. You should wear the black shirt as the inner layer in wide collar. Make the four button tops undone. You can also read Halloween Masks: the Creative and Homemade Ones.

Best Couple Halloween Costume

Best Couple Halloween Costume 2012

Best Couple Halloween Costume Trends

For the woman, she can use the bandeau that is sequin that is combined with hot pants or bell bottom trousers. Platform shoes can be the best footwear for the woman. Those are the simple ideas that you can get for best couple Halloween costume.

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