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Best Halloween Costumes for Women

In October, everybody starts to find the best Halloween costumes to be their outfit in celebrating the occasion. For women, it will be a good and interesting task to do. They will be so excited in mixing, matching, and finding accessories or outfit. This article will give you two references if you are stuck and not able to find a good idea of woman style for Halloween occasion. Little Mermaid and also Emo costumes sound tempting to follow, right? Well, just read this article if you are interested in applying one of the ideas mentioned above.

Little Mermaid for Halloween Costumes

Little Mermaid is cute and adorable for best Halloween costumes. It is funky and also stylish. If you want to look fashionable and cheerful, just try to adopt Ariel’s red hair with her fish tail. Sparkly heart shaped top are great for the costume. You can wear a long skirt with mermaid cutting if you think that wearing mermaid bottom is nonsense. Purple is good for the top. For the bottom, green is good then.

Emo Costume and Make-Up for Halloween

For women who like black badly, Emo will be a good alternative for Halloween costume. You can apply emo make up dominated with black. Wearing black dress is a must then. To make you more spooky and mysterious, you are able to wear white soft lenses. Figurative fangs are also good to make you like a wild woman vampire. Make-up is the most challenging part in this idea. You are able to browse articles or videos to get references of adorable make up for the costume. You might also read Halloween Costume Ideas for the Unusual Look.

Best Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costumes 2012

Best Halloween Costumes Trends

From the article above, you must be interested more in applying Little Mermaid or Emo style. Both are really different. If you like girly style, the first one is more recommended. However, if you like mysterious impression, Emo is the best Halloween costumes then.

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