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Candice Swanepoel Winter Outfits for Sexy Winter Look

If you think that winter outfits are always look closed, you better check out Candice Swanepoel winter outfits. The outfits create a very big possibility for you to look sexy. One thing that you could know here is that it is not her that makes the outfits look sexy because the outfits themselves are simply sexy.

Few times ago, it is known that there is a photo session in which she is the model. The photos are captured by a pro photographer named Sebastian Faena. In the photo session, there are some examples of Candice Swanepoel winter outfits exposed.

The example of Candice Swanepoel winter outfits that will make you look sexy is a bright white tight which is combined with bright white body fit and long sleeve turtle-neck tee. All of them are combined with shocking-pink fur scarf and the same pink fur winter jacket. To make the look perfect, there is a white winter fur hat and also a shocking-pink small hand bad added. You might be interested in reading Street Outfit Fashion .

Candice Swanepoel winter outfits

Candice Swanepoel Winter Outfits Sebastian Faena

Candice Swanepoel Winter Sexy Outfit



Besides this one, there are 4 other examples of her winter outfits resulted from the photo session. The photo session itself is actually designed for a magazine called as V Magazine. Check out the pics of Candice Swanepoel winter outfits now and get some inspirations to look sexy on winter.

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