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How To Clean Your Hand Pleated Clothing

In the recent past, women’s fashion online has dictated that detail is one of the most important parts of clothing. Most fashion trends tend to incorporate some form of detail in the clothing. These may include embellishments such as sequins, pleats, ruffles, jewels and any other add-ons. These details count for making clothing both chic and classy. Many individuals who follow popular fashion trends are quick to identify clothing that incorporates these little details. Owning such clothing is a must for fashion forward individuals. The growth of pleats as one of the popular fashion trends of 2014 has seen many people looking to purchase hand pleated clothing. Due to the delicate nature of the pleats, the challenge lies in cleaning these fashionable pieces. However, following a few tips will ensure that the cleaning process does not damage your clothing.

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Identify The Fabric Of Your Pleated Clothing

The first step in cleaning any garment is to identify the fabric used to make the garment. Is it cotton? Is it Polyester? Is it silk? This is of great importance since different fabrics call for different cleaning methods. Fashion trends are leaning towards the use of silk and other soft fabrics in making pleated garments. For silk clothing, the labels usually state that dry cleaning is the only way to go. Always look out for cleaning instructions on labels as they are a good starting point in the cleaning process.

Type of Pleats

When choosing the right method of cleaning, it is important to identify the type of pleats on your clothing. For hand pleats, dry cleaning is the best method to use. This helps keep the pleats crispy and in place. However, for stitched-in pleats, a gentle machine washing cycle won’t destroy the pleats. However, always be careful when deciding to machine wash pleats as they are very delicate.

Washing Chemicals

The use of harsh chemicals in the cleaning process may leave your clothes looking discolored and worn out. It is of great importance to choose detergents that are gentle and appropriate for the type of clothes you are cleaning. Most clothes in popular fashion trends require the use of very gentle soaps and detergents. When stained, it is better to look for a professional to clean pleated garments as opposed to using harsh chemicals that may destroy the garment. In addition, for unsoiled pleated clothes, spot cleaning may be an easier way of removing stains as opposed to cleaning the whole garment.

Removing Wrinkles

Wrinkled clothing is one of the fashion mistakes that people are expected to avoid at all costs. Some fashion trends include wrinkles, but most pleated garments some form of straightening if they are wrinkled. In many cases, it is recommended to take such clothing to the dry cleaners. However, for some pleated garments, steaming can work well in removing wrinkles. The best way to ensure pleats stay in place is to attach paper clips to pleats before steaming. Steaming is gentle and ensures that there is no damage to clothing.

Due to the delicate nature of hand pleats, adequate care must be taken when cleaning these kinds of garments. Dry cleaning is the recommended way of cleaning pleats as it ensures that they remain crisp and neat.

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