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Clothing for Men to Look More Fashionable

Mostly, men don’t understand about fashion, especially Clothing for Men. But like a women, men don’t want to look bad. Actually, men can be fashionable too. Be smart to choose and combined various color, type and style. And don’t be shy to ask an advice from your family and friends.

Choose the Best Clothing for Men

Choose the best clothing for men is depending on various factor, like their purpose, their social status, their ages, etc. To choose the best clothes and make them look more fashionable, we should combine various color, type, and style. Young men would look more energetic and young in bright color like blue sky, red, green.

Clothing for Men over 30

Clothing for Men in their 30’s and Clothing for Men over 50’s are different. The contrasts are not only because the different age, but also different job and healthy problems. Men in the age 30’s is not young anymore. But they still healthy enough to working hard. They still pioneer of their career and didn’t have enough money to buy branded clothes. The best clothes for them are working shirt, suit of coat and trousers which support them in their work place. Clothes which used by camera person and journalist are different with clothes which used by anchor. In the other hand, men in the age 50’s are started to enjoy their retiring time. They can’t working hard and have some healthy problem. The best clothes for them are warm clothes with deep color like sweater, scarf, and long sleeves shirt. You can also read Kids Halloween Costumes Angry Birds DIY.

Clothing for Men

Clothing for Men 2012

Clothing for Men Gothic

But if you still fell confused, maybe you can ask them to wear Batik. Batik is our heritage culture clothes and can wear in various events, ages and social status. We can wear Batik to attend wedding party, to working and even to shopping. Elder and kids, rich and poor, everybody look match and handsome when they wear Batik. So, Batik is the best clothing for men.

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