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Dakar Fashion Week And Taking It To The Streets

The Dakar Fashion Week run way is where the world’s top fashion designers display their work. Summer, fall, winter and spring seasons are traditionally the times when the most affluent are looking to see what is being presented. In many cases, certain styles reach the retail stores where the fashion conscious are always there to find what looks and fits them best. While the runways are traditionally meant for people who work in the fashion world industry and the wealthier clients who can afford it, this group of designers has started to shake things up during their runway spectacular by taking their designs to people in the inner city.

Speciality of Dakar Fashion Week

Dakar Fashion Week Spectacular

Additionally, this Fashion Week changed things up this year by targeting the city’s working class. This was considered to be a bold move and a big change from the traditional fashions that are geared toward people who have large sums of money instead of those who shop on a budget. Therefore, with this big move, top fashion models are reported as hitting the runway where inner city neighborhoods attended the showing. In fact, thousands of Senegalese were very vocal about their opinions, even though were not part of the industry. While the crowd expressed their opinions in many different ways, the loudest cheers were reserved for the most popular fashion models in the business. Both men and women from the inner city were in attendance.

Dakar Fashion Week Inner City Showing

One of the main reasons for taking the Fashion Week runway to the inner city streets was because this is where they say the designs actually begin. For instance, some of the top designers are getting their fashion ideas and inspirations from the Bronx where many people wear all kinds outfits. Therefore, this year Dakar has decided to take the designs in the environment where it all begins.Even though the initial stage was in the inner city, Dakar Fashion week was also reported as showing the same clothing in a luxury setting later on in the week. The clothing was the same quality as well as the same costs that people would see on the shelves.

Dakar Fashion

Dakar Fashion Week and Other Designers

Hopefully, other fashion designers will also follow suit since it also broadens the audiences. For those who want to place a little bit more in their pockets, they may also choose to sell their designs massively to a wider audience since there is a huge potential for more profits. While the cost for each outfit will be considerably lower, the fashion designers in Dakar Fashion Week can make up the difference in bigger profits by selling more in volume. This is because the lower prices will allow more people to buy the fashions across the board. As a growing trend, the fashion world can use various strategies to take the fashions directly to the people that they are targeting for these sales. While some fashion designers may choose to limit their designs to the more affluent, others may choose to go viral by taking it to the streets in the inner city.

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