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European Bridal Jewelry Ideas

European bridal jewelry comes in a number of ideas such as navel rings and chains, tongue jewelry, and ear and nose jewelry. Since the jewelries are intended for formal and glories occasion such as wedding, they must come in elegant and stylish design that can go well with the precious wedding moment.

 For formal wedding, there is no need to wear chains and navel rings. On the other hand, for the informal one, you can look trendy wearing this European bridal jewelry. For your information, navel rings are rings worn as the piercing in belly button. There are many choices when you decide to wear this belly button rings whether you want to wear the ones made of gold, beads, or silver.

For your nose and ear, the European bridal jewelry comes in various shapes and styles. They can be made of pearls, gems, silver, gold, and diamond. Plugs and gauges are the best idea to adorn your ear. You will be the coolest bride wearing this kind of jewelry. You might be interested in reading Cocktail Dresses 2013.

European Bridal Jewelry

European Bridal Jewelry Idea

European Bridal Jewelry 2012


Although not many brides are interested to wear tongue jewelry in their wedding, this idea can be a good inspiration. Acrylic, silver, good, and plastic can be the options of tongue European bridal jewelry.



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