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Fall Fashion Jacket Collections

Fall fashion is all about Mother Nature and how we interact with it. Filled with a wide array of styles from airy dresses to comfortable, snug sweaters, autumn both embrace both style and comfort. One irreplaceable item is the autumn jacket. Besides an item of comfort, jacket can be combined finely with your autumn wear. It also can be worn in the winter until next year. Here are the jacket collections that are starting to filling up the racks even as we speak.

Jackets for Women

This year’s fall fashion sees the come back of old trends into the spotlight. If you want an item that’s lasting, buy things that are versatile and timeless. The military style is still big and won’t be gone in more than three years, so it’s always a good investment. Leather jacket is not exactly in trends, but it’s never out of trends so it makes a good lasting jacket as well. Natural and earth colors are always big for autumn, so choose along the lines of brown, black or olive. If you prefer bright, bold color, then orange will be your best bet. Those colors will always be trendy for autumn anyway.

Women’s jacket this year strives to emphasis on the balancing of women’s best traits. They are both tough and feminine. Sport jackets of medium length are fitted and straight in a non-nonsense way. Fur parkas with hood are as in style as last year. Try wearing a stylish, big leather belt with them to enhance your hourglass body shape. Another new thing to try is short-sleeved jackets. Worn over tops with tight long sleeves, it’s like the trends of legging all over again. You make also read End Clothing the Centre of Fashion.

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion London 2012

Jackets for Men

Denim is never out of fashion, but this year it really tries to break through its image of rough worker’s wear into executive’s wear. Don’t miss out on short parkas and sport jackets, either the baggy or tight fitting ones. If you choose to play it safe, of course, a military style, double breasted jacket will be hard pressed to look bad on anyone. Daring patterns like checkered, stripped or geometrical are available too, as a part of the trends this fall fashion.

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