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Fashion Woman in Vietnam: Traditional VS Modern Value in Fashion

When talking about fashion woman in Vietnam is seems that we are actually talking about a subject of discussion which is quite complex. The reason is because in the subject, there are two main values can be found. The values are no other but traditional and modern values.

In the traditional value of fashion woman in Vietnam, it seems that long dress with long sleeve is the one often used by traditional women in the area. Of course this long dress is not the same with some modern long dress that can be found nowadays. It can be said that the dress is quite similar to some Chinese dress which is string in its oriental style.

On the other hand, modern fashion woman in Vietnam is something totally different to the previous fashion value can be found in Vietnam. Western influence can be said to be one thing that makes women in Vietnam to dress differently from traditional Vietnam women. Although it is so, it is sure that not all women in Vietnam dress modernly. You might be interested in reading Candice Swanepoel Winter Outfit.

Fashion Woman In Vietnam

Fashion Woman In Vietnam Street

Traditional Fashion Woman In Vietnam


In today’s world, it seems that the idea can be found in traditional dress of Vietnam combined with some modern idea. Of course the combination creates a kind of modern traditional Vietnam dress which is suitable for those who want to look fashionable and modern without leaving the traditional value that comes from their origin. This kind of idea is sure to be perfect for fashion woman in Vietnam.

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