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French Winter Fashion: Street Style

French winter fashion actually is almost same with other style. In the winter, you must provide some warm cloth to wrap your body. But, Paris is a fashion city. Even in the street, you will look all of them have good taste on clothes. There are so many street look that being popular lately.

Go Walk

Paris is a city that you will walk more than you expected. So, it is important to pay attention on your street style. Because you will walk more, pick the comfortable shoes...Before you follow the trending French winter fashion, consider your body shape. Fashion is just wrapped your body, and a wrap will look good along with the shape. For example, if your shoulder is small, use the intricate collar. It can hide your small shoulder and your shoulder look bigger. If your body is too thin, wear waist band over your dress and your body will have look hourglass shape.

There are some inspirations for street style that you can try. Skinny jeans and black long pants can be combined together. Pick dark color wedges or lace up boots, and add with white sweet hand bag. You can wear dress over the top, and add with bright color belt. Add with knitted navy blue hats. We can discuss about Korean Winter Fashion : Adapt the Climate in this site.

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Decide Your Own Style

Scarves and hats are the must have item that almost Parisian wear. You can tie, wrap. Or drop the scarf around the neck. For hat, choose the simple one, such as knitted cap, wool hats, or beret. And the color for hats, you may pick between dark brown, dark Tosca, or emerald green. So, have you get some inspirations to decide your own Frenchwinter fashion?

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