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Givenchy Couture for Your Fall Collection

Givenchy couture is a fashion collection that is waited by many women around the world. This fashion collection is designed by popular world fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci. Almost in all season, he creates new design for each season. The fashion collection itself are interesting, so many women like to wear it. For the example is the collection for fall season.

 Almost all the collection of Givenchy couture has unique design that is unusual applied by the other designer. Some of this collection looks gorgeous, but some others sometime feel boring. In this fall, the designer creates the clothing in dark color, including brown, black and cream. This color combination make the collection seems like gothic collection.

The collection of Givenchy couture is created by using material in high quality. They are including luxurious materials that the price is quite expensive. For the example is nappa leather. This kind of material will be very useful to create sleeves and body of some dresses. Then, the other example is wool which can be sued to create sweeter and jacket. You might be interested in reading Gucci Belts for Men.

Givenchy Couture

Givenchy Couture 2013

Givenchy Couture 2012

One of the examples of this collection is cream long dress made of silk. This dress is designed with short sleeves such as tank top in the upper part. It is completed with short cloak made of wool to make this Givenchy couture looks much more pretty.


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