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Halloween Masks: the Creative and Homemade Ones

Halloween masks can be various. If you want to get one, all you have to do determining in what way you want to look like. It is true that there are many stores that can give you plenty of ideas. However, most of them are just the same. If you want your kids to look different for this Halloween celebration, then you can choose the creative masks as the accessories. To get the creative one, it means that you should make it by yourself at home. The great thing about this is, you can save your money more and be as creative as possible.

The First Ideas

First in Halloween masks, you can choose bag of grapes. All you have to do is just getting the clear plastic as great as possible. Next, cut the slits in two at the bottom to slip your finger through the holes and pull up this bag far. Next, you can fill the bag in purple or green balloons and draw the bag’s top in armpit level. Do not forget to add the label in the bag front. The balloon in half inflated will give the look of grape in the bag. Next idea, it is leaf blower. It is the simple costume. You should use the leaf and tie it at the end in several inches and fasten the string in the baseball cap style.

The Next Ideas

Spaghetti and meatballs can also be the perfect choice. You just have to let your kid dress in red sweat suit of red bodysuit. Next, stick the clumps of several inches strands of white yard in the red material and stick the great brown pom-pom in the yarn. Using the wig of the yarn will be better. You might also read Costume Jewelry for Party.

Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks 2012

Halloween Masks Trends

Next idea, you can cut the arm and head holes of the box fitting your torso. Next, stick the wide Styrofoam cups at box’s front upside down. After that, you can paint it in the latex paint in primary color in glassy look. This plastic building block can be the great Halloween masks.

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