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Hijab Street Style – A Guide

Hijab is essentially a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women. Hijab serves the purpose of covering a woman’s head, neck and chest. Although Hijabs are actually a religious obligation, they have slowly turned into fashion items with the passage of time. Women can now flaunt the Hijab street style by sporting these in different colors, fabrics, styles, etc and they are also trying out different ways of draping their Hijabs in order to make heads turn! Thus, women wear these head scarves in a way which fulfils the Islamic dressing norm while allowing them to stay stylish and look good at the same time!

Hijab Street Style

Hijab Street Style: Basic Draping

The most common way of wearing it is to fold it into a triangle and place it over one’s head with the pointy side facing towards one’s back. It should then be pinned down under the chin while the ends hang loosely. If you prefer a more stylish look than opt for the ones that are longer, maybe even rectangular in shape so that there is a lot of excess fabric left over after pinning it in place. The extra fabric would hang loose and it can be styled the way one styles a scarf.

Hijab style for beginners

Beginners cannot be bothered with all the pinning and tucking associated with complicated Hijab-wearing styles. If you need a fuss-free Hijab then the tube-shaped Hijab is going to be the right choice for you. Also known as the one-piece Hijab, it is in vogue and receives much love because it is convenient to wear and stays intact throughout the day!

Shawl Hijab Style

This style calls for the use of a scarf or turtle neck to hide one’s neck. Also, a long rectangular Hijab is required to drape the Shawl style. Fold the headscarf in half and place it over your head with one end hanging much lower than the other. Pin down the scarf to the scarf near your temple region. Wrap the longer end around your neck and over your head and use a pin to secure it. This street style looks just like an infinity scarf for the head instead of the neck!

Bandana Style

Wear a scarf first to completely cover your head and neck. Now use a square scarf in a contrasting color and fold it in half to form a triangle. Place the triangular piece of headscarf over your head and tie the two ‘legs’ of the triangle behind your ears like a bandana and you’re good to go!

No pins Hijab Style

Tie a regular 2-piece Amira Hijab around your head and neck. Use a thin and narrow rectangular Hijab for this. Fold it width-wise so that it is reduced to a six inch wide. Now tie this around your head in such a manner that it just covers the Amira piece of the scarf while the scarf covering the back of your head and neck remains exposed. No pins required, just tie a knot in order to secure the Hijab. This is a very modern and trendy look for women who are more experimental with their Hijabs.

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