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How To Pair Casual Wear For Men?

Most men are accustomed to wearing suits for the better part of the week. Due to the importance of the suites in their day to day lives, they end up losing their casual wear style. Alas! That vacation request has been granted and you finally get to have that leave. The problem is that the suit will be obsolete in these cases. But that is not a bad thing if you know how to wear the casual wear, you’ll rock just like you do in a suit if not even better. It all comes down to pairing and you’re about to become an overnight expert at that.

Casual Wear For Men: What is a good T-shirt and how to wear it?

The first mistake people make is getting the wrong sizes of shirts for their bodies. An ideal T-shirt with short sleeves should have the sleeves going as far as half way the biceps. The length should be just a couple of inches past the waist and the color, well that depends on what you prefer, but white is great because you would rarely go wrong with that.

A T-shirt does great if you’re pairing it with a pair of jeans. You can also pair these with unstructured blazers, chinos or even the varsity jacket. This may go a long way to ensure that you still have a little aspect of the suit feeling still in play. For the shoes you could do boots or the loafers.

Pick the right jeans.

Casual Wear For Men Jeans

Jeans are King when it comes to casual wear. The only problem is that they have been modified and there is a wide range of variation. To get the best look, you have to get the right size of jeans first. This is more so because you can pair this with almost anything. Sounds hard right? Well, not at all.

For a beginner, the slim jeans would be ideal and one should not confuse this with the skinny jeans. Let it be simple and if you don’t get your size, you can take it to a tailor to be adjusted. Don’t go for those that have manned distressing, words or even logos since they make your casual wear look weird and require more in depth knowledge to pair correctly. Ideal colors would be gray and black since they will offer you more flexibility.

Why pay attention to casual shoes?

Casual Shoes

Well, for one, just as your clothes, your shoes should also be weather conscious to get the best casual wear. That said, a shoe is a big fashion statement and therefore one that you should ensure that they don’t fall short in this as well. A shoe is the pillar that will hold the casual wear together and tie it up neatly so you have to have the right fit. The good thing is that this does not have to be as hard as one may think.

All you need to get your casual wear wardrobe started is a pair of neutral boat shoes for the summers and for the winter, a good pair of leather loafers would be in order. This might sound like you’ll be limited, but regardless if you keep the style simple and classic, they should serve quite well.

You don’t have to pack suits to your vacation. All you have to do is go out and get some casual wear for men and ensure that you use these tips to help you look just as stellar as your casual wear. With these your vacation will for once feel more than a vacation and less like an office.

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