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Kashmiri Embroidery – The Natural Beauty

When talking about Kashmiri embroidery, we are talking about a type of artistic work of embroidery that requires skills and expertise in the making. Also known as the Kashida, this kind of art work is inspired mostly by the Kashmir and the beautiful surrounding. What makes this style different from the others is the fact that the entire patterns and designs are created with one – or two – stitching styles of embroidery. The base cloth used is mostly cotton or wool. The colors used are often pastel tones or lighter colors that will deliver bright and colorful result.

Kashmiri Embroidery for Bridal Wear

The Natural Beauty of Kashmiri Embroidery

For most people the Kashmiri embroidery is as beautiful as the Kashmir. Inspirations for the designs and patterns are often taken from the surrounding nature, representing the natural beauty and setting. That’s why most of the motives are coming in the form of chinar leaves, creepers, mango, or flowers. The overall pattern is very simple yet it is also charming and classy. When this kind of art work is displayed at home or other professional settings, the outcome will be very stunning and amazing in such simple way.

In the Kashmiri embroidery making process, the base cloth being used will be either crème or white – or such color with the similar tone and shade. It is done because of the pastel colors that are often implemented in the creation. In order for the colors to look enhanced, soft colors need to be used. The craftsmen will then blend the color tones with the background in order to achieve the wanted and required result. The stitches used are very limited – two styles are the most numbers. Sometimes, one stitch style is already enough to create a whole fabric. Because these stitches are used to make the Kashmiri embroidery, they are often referred to as the Kashmiri stitch. It is also possible to combine other types of stitches like the doori stitch, slanted darn type, herringbone stitch, stem stitch, knot stitch, satin stitch, or chain stitch within the Kashmiri design, but as it was mentioned before, the maximum numbers of stitching style used are only two.

If the craftsmen are very skilled, they can make the so called dorukha or Sozni embroidery. This type of Kashmiri embroidery has the motives appear on both sides of the fabric where each side will be having different color. Of course this will create very unique and beautiful result. Not everyone can achieve this result; only the professional, skilled, and expert ones can create such result. Another type of popular Kashmiri type is the needle embroidery or the papier mache embroidery. This type of art work usually presenting leaves and flowers patterns done in satin stitches style in bold and bright colors. each of the motive will be outlined in black, creating stronger imprints of the patterns.

Kashmiri Embroidery Long Jacket

Another type of Kashmiri embroidery is the hook embroider or mostly known as the Zari. The motives being used are usually flowery, but the patterns are made in concentric rings form of the chain stitch. The result will be referred to as the colored Zari. Is it beautiful? Of course it definitely is!

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