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Kids Halloween Costumes Angry Birds DIY

Kids Halloween costumes can be found anywhere these days, but don’t you cherish the days when you need to get creative to get your kids be the best dressed of the bunch? With today’s popularity of a little silly game called Angry Birds, lots of kids will be bound to want to dress like them. So here’s how you can make the costumes yourself.

What You’ll Need

Decide how big you want the kids Halloween costumes to be, then shop for felt or any other fabrics that you like in the color of the bird you want. Buy the main color twice as big as your desired size. You will also need some white felt for the belly and other colors on the bird’s face. You will also need a white sheet. You can use your unused old sheet or buy cheap muslin for this one. Add in iron-on adhesive or hot glue to the pack if you don’t want to sew the face. The last item you need will be an old pillow or other stuff-able things to make the stuffing.

How to Make It

First of all, you can include other family members including your kids in this project. Let the, do the drawing or help with designing the item. This will help with their confidence in wearing it and give them pride for accomplishment. When you’re ready to start, draw the shape of the bird you want on the main-colored felt, don’t forget the ‘hair’ and the tail. Cut the felt and the sheet or muslin so that you have three pieces of the shape: two felts and one sheet. Sew one of the two felts to the sheet, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Draw and cut a face hole and slits for arms on it, then stitch the holes. You might also read Evening Dress 2012 Ideas.

Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids Halloween Costumes Style

Kids Halloween Costumes Trends

Next thing you need to do is to sew the belly part into the front. Don’t sew the flapping into the sheet yet, though. Draw and cut the face next, and use adhesive iron-on or hot glue to stick them unto the felt. Then do the stuffing and stitch the stuffing hole to finish it off. After that, sew the flapping belly felt onto the sheet and it’s done. Your kids Halloween costumes are good to go on the streets for trick and treating.

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