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Korean Winter Fashion: Adapt the Climate

Korean winter fashion is a fashion wear to adapt the cold weather. In Korea, winter is start from November until mid-March. The climates start to warm to chilly,cold, and freezing. This article try to give some tips what to wear under any transition on climate.

The Climate Transition on winter in Korea

Korean winter fashion that suitable on chilly climate is jacket. Jacket is recommended at chilly temperature. Other choice is coat. You can choose whether long or mid knee coat. If you can endure the climate, you can pick the leather jacket or leather coat instead. Vest also can be good choice. The temperature that starts from late November until early December is around 12 °C to 20 °C.

On the mid December, the weather starts to be cooler than before. The temperature is around 5 °C to 11 °C. To help you from catch the cold, pick coat and jacket that made from wool or cashmere. You can pick the oversize also. Your jacket or coat must have to be zipped completely, so that can protect your body. For protect your neck, use fur scarf or turtle neck knitted top. From late December and mostly weather in January, the temperature is around 5 °C to 2 °C. This is the most freezing weather time during the winter in Korea. Because of the Siberian air, the climate can be very cold. Heavy snow almost often happened in that time. The best wear for this time are the complete wear for winter, such as jacket or wool coat, knitted sweater, scarf, boots, winter hats, and also winter gloves. Even this is the coldest time; this time is the greatest time to do skiing. You might also read Men Fashion This Winter : Do and Don’ts.

Korean Winter Fashion

Korean Winter Fashion Style

Korean Winter Fashion Trends

Enjoy the winter

With the appropriate winter wear, you may prevent from catch cold. Beware about the climate before you decide to come to the other country. Generally, Korean winter fashionalso can be worn out of Korea, depend on the situation, also the taste of fashion.

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