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Latest Fashion Style for Daring Souls

Latest fashion style might bring back a lot of older styles from the past like retro. The comeback of the old doesn’t kill the creativity of the present, though, and designers from all over the world are working hard to create new things to be worn by the chosen few who are ready to wear anything new to try and create a trend out of them. If you’re ready to create a new trend, then scroll down these few crazily fabulous ideas.

Oversized and Layered

Get ready to turn some eyes with the latest fashion style of oversized and layered. For the past few years, tight-fit has been the norm. Well, not anymore. Now oversized jacket and coats make its comeback with a vengeance. They even bring oversized bag along for the ride! Loose tops with flapping, long sleeves and baggy trousers or long skirts are back, and it’s calling on you to bring it back to the top trends.

Does the sound of skirt over trousers scare you? Fear not. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Marc Jacobs are all for this unique trend this year. Why settle for one item with one material and one pattern to wear when you can wear more? You can even combine them with layered tops. It’s perfectly fun, daring and trendy. We can discuss about Fashion Winter Clothes in Class in this site.

Latest Fashion Style

Latest Fashion Style 2012

Latest Fashion Style LA

Cobalt and Purple, Oriental and Countryside

Cobalt blue and purple are the ‘in’ colors this autumn. They are quite unusually seen between the earthly colored themes of fall season, but it combines well with them. You’re sure to bring an accent color among the sea of olives, browns and pumpkin oranges, and in an awesome way. For patterns and styles, either goes for oriental or countryside. Oriental style and pattern will always look good with cobalt and purple, while you might need to go back to brown or olives for countryside. It’s worth it, though, as you will get to wear that plaid brown jodhpurs again after all these decades, and still represents the latest fashion style.  

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