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Nubrella: The Ultimate Weather Protector Providing Protection Against Rain, Sun And Wind

The term Nubrella refers to a hands free umbrella i.e. new+umbrella. The rapid advancement in technology has served in revolutionizing and modernizing hundreds of new products over the years. Think of the little computers which can be kept in the back pockets and with the help of which you can send digital messages all over the world in no time. But still for whatever reason, we did not have a decent and high tech solution to stay dry in the rain until the introduction of the Nubrella- hands free umbrella.

Nubrella Information And it’s Detail.

It really becomes difficult to carry the usual umbrella during the heavy rains along with the normal baggage. It often happens that the umbrella gets blown inside out and the users become completely wet in the rain trying to bring it back to its original form. Everyone wishes to have a rain protector which would help them use their phones; hold their snacks even in significant winds. The best and the most reliable solution to these problems is the nubrella.

Design of Nubrella

The nubrella can be worn like a back pack and it actually functions like a hood. It is designed as an aerodynamic canopy and has ni pole in the middle. The introduction of nubrella has completely exploited the basic flaws of the conventional umbrella which include getting blown away or being inverted during heavy storms, getting torn or broken in significant winds etc. There is no more danger of getting drenched in rain with the new hands free modern nubrella. It promises to never ever invert in strong winds. It is oval in shape, streamlined and has an aerodynamic design which makes the more demanding. Moreover, it is a far safer, better and more reliable option as there are no sharp poles, rods or poles attached to it.


Facts about Nubrella

The best part with the nubrella is that persons need not hold it; they need to simply wear it. A new and innovative patent pending shoulder strap is used along with an offset handle which facilitates hands-free service. Since it serves in wrapping the torso, it does not involve any risk of catching the wind and turning inside out. According to sources, it is found that the nubrella can withstand winds up with velocity up to 50 miles per hour.

Some people find it very funny to wear an accessory which appears like an air bubble around our face. But the fact is that the appearance and look hardly matters in situations of heavy storms involving heavy rains and dangerous winds. The fashion statement becomes a mere wash when a person is the middle of a storm. The nubrella is available in different models and different styles. Not only does it act as a rain protector, it also serves to act as protection against the scorching heat of the sun and the heavy winds which tend to completely alter your hair style.

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