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Plus Size Formal Dresses: The Must Guidelines When Shopping

Ok ladies let us admit it is difficult to find any plus size formal dresses that look good in regular stores. We have been there and waste a lot of time looking for the best dresses that will fit us but we are usually disappointed to find that a few which are available are not of the quality and the colors that we want. Some of us who are full-figured often have problems in finding plus size formal dresses at our local market. Since, most of our stores do not offer them.

But the problem is; you are still going to need those plus size formal dresses for special occasions ahead of you. Fortunately, there are stores which todays only cater specifically to the plus-size women. Nevertheless, picking right plus size dresses is not an easy task; a person needs to consider several factors in order look good on that special day. Fortunately, the article will explain several factors which you should consider in order to buy the right dress.

1. Pick the store wisely

Not all stores which specialize in making plus size formal dresses offer the best styles. Most women have walked into a plus size store to find that they are selling horrendous plus size clothes. If a store is full of muumuus & other types of plus size clothes that would hide your assets, then the best thing is to walk out of it. However, there are other stores which offer plus size formal dresses that are in style and these are the best stores to make your purchase from.

Plus Size DressesPlus Size Formal DressesCool Plus Size Dress

plus size cocktail dresses

2. Know your body type

Unfortunately, there are still ladies who do not know their body type. Knowing your body type is important in making that decision of picking the perfect formal dress for you. If you do not know your body type, take measures of the three key areas of your body: hips, busts and waist. If your hips are bigger than your waist and bust then you are pear shaped, if you have wide shoulders, large busts & smaller lower body (hips and waist) then you are an apple. Lastly, if you have smaller waist and equal measurements of hips and bust then you are an hourglass. Now you know your body shape let discuss some tips and suggestions

3. Dress for a pear shaped body

Pears should try to make the top half of their body longer. A line cut plus dress is the best choice for them since it flares out from their waist, disguising their wide hips.

4. Dresses for apple shaped bodies

Their best dresses are empire waist plus size formal dresses. Since, it hugs at the smallest part of their waist giving them the best shape. V-neck elongates the top part of their body. Apple shapes have thinner legs therefore; they are perfect for shorter plus size formal dresses.

5. Perfect dresses for an hourglass shaped body

If you have this type of shape, you have curve to show off, use skinny belt to draw attention to your small waist. A-line-plus formal dresses will be perfect for this body type. It is important to ensure that you get plus size formal dresses in correct size. Therefore, do not make the mistake of buying bigger dresses.

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