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Scarf Trends 2012 Stylish Ideas

Scarf trends 2012 don’t come in specific models. You are free to choose the color, pattern, and material as well. The trend highlights the way we wear the scarf. For example, scarf can be worn in different ways to attend different occasions or to have different activities. So, how to wear this piece is more important the style of the scarf itself. Scarf, for your information, can be worn not only around your neck, but also on your bag over your hair, as a headband, an as a belt.

 Draping the scarf around your neck can be the simplest idea. Although the idea is simple, it becomes the most popular one. Bringing an old-fashioned trend, many people like to wear it. Wearing scarf around your neck can generate sophisticated and gorgeous look. Although the scarf trends 2012 don’t have special color and pattern, it is still important to match the color of the scarf with the color of your dress.

Another idea of scarf trends 2012 is to wear it as a belt. Women having small waist can look sexier and more confident wearing scarf belt. You can also read about Pants new style 2012 in this site.

Scarf Trends 2012

Scarf Trends 2012 for Winter

Scarf Trends 2012 Summer

Many women also wear a scarf as a headband. It is in live with Bohemia chic fashion. If your hair is messy loose, this will be the best scarf trends 2012.




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