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Senegalese Fashion And It’s Important Aspects.

Although Senegal has different ethnic groups, their mode of dressing is more or less commonly the same. This is probably because of the available material and weaving styles within the country. One can almost tell apart a Senegalese from other people because of their distinct mode of dressing. They love dyeing clothes and dyeing is an essential skill passed from mother to daughter, from one generation to the next. These dyed clothes are only worn for special occasions and one will only see them being worn for day to day wear if they are worn out or faded.

The most common pieces of Senegalese Fashion

In the evening, most Senegalese wear the ‘Bubu’ which is a Muslim covering on top of their clothes. This applies for both men and women although the styles may differ. Inside the bubu, men will wear a light shirt and trousers or shorts. Women on the other hand may wear long skirts or dresses that are made of cotton inside the bubu. Cotton is the most prevalent fabric in Senegalese fashion and therefore it is an essential part of the clothing they wear. Men will complete this outfit for the evening with a fez or a cap and the women will have their head scarves.

Senegal Fashion

Variety of Colors

There is plenty of admirable Senegalese wear and one can choose from a variety of colors. Beautiful colored sarong type garments are tied at the waist. These are chosen to go well with the color of the specific bubu they are wearing. Women also choose head scarves that are the same color or rhyming color with that of the bubu. This means that the bubu is an essential part of the dressing in Senegal for both men and women. When worn, these sarong type skirts are tied in complicated knots that only one who is experienced can reproduce. This makes the Senegalese fashion unique and outstanding.

Weaving and Dyeing as Part of Senegalese Fashion

Weaving is another skill that is highly valued in Senegalese fashion. This skill is often passed from father to son. Hand woven fabrics are highly regarded and they are only saved for special occasions. The Senegalese nevertheless wear printed fabrics. These fabrics are however not viewed as highly stylish and so they are worn for day to day activities. The colors are very bold and wide in range. Dyeing is done using vegetable dyes and it is also a highly valued skill. Grass hats are very popular and especially during the hot weather and both men and women may include them as part of their dressing.

One item of Senegalese fashion that always makes an appearance in international shows is the gazelle skirt. This kind of skirt is right for every body shape and it is lovely. Naturally, one will get a wide range of bold colors to choose from if they desire to have one. They can also be printed instead of dyed or just appear in one color. The bubu of course is another important component because it is an essential part of the dressing. They differ in style for men and women and one can choose the length to which they want it to go. Senegalese fashion is not only intriguing but also very unique.

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