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Summer Fashion Trends 2013 on Runways

Summer fashion trends have started to make their ways in the runways lately. Next year’s fashion promises fun, and a lot of it. Whether you love pastel or neon colors, flowery dress or patterned one, name it and you’ll get it. Here are the fashions seen at the latest show, already highlighting some of the best features yet to come.

The Shapes

The famous designers are prepared to go big with summer fashion trends. They even celebrated the eighties icons by showing off clothes inspired by Madonna, Sade, Boy George and Michael Jackson. While military style is still embraced well, a more minimalist look will also make it big this year. With the hot summer weather you wouldn’t want to be covered up in all that layers. Oversized clothes are still there after the trends with autumn and winter, with capes, coats and jackets of extra length, extra volume and accentuated hips. Pencil skirts will also make a comeback with bomber jacket to complete the summer clothes list.

Prints and Colors

One thing for sure is that next year wouldn’t be the year for summer humbleness. The colors offered are either pastel sweet or bright neon. The sweeter colors are violet, baby blue, lemon and fondant pink. The neon colors are extra bright, like hot pink, cobalt blue, grass green, and orange. These bold displays are even accentuated with sequins as embellishment and graphic patterns. The patterns are usually modern and geometrical, like monochromes, squares, checkerboard and stripes. We can discuss about Spring Fashion Trends 2013 in this site.

Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Trends 2013

Summer Fashion Trends Women

Next year’s summer fashion will also see a lot of oriental influences, whether it’s in a kimono-shaped dress, obi belt, origami shapes or bold print. To accompany the oriental fashion, animals are used a lot whether as prints or as materials like the snakeskin or leather. See-through fabrics will be used a lot, with the usual summer suspect like whites and flowery prints. For those of you who don’t like bold prints, minimalist style will also go big in 2013 as one of the best summer fashion trends.

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