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How To Wear Business Casual Attire

While dress code is a common concept in many business organizations, there is a need to strike a balance between work and life, considering that more people see the need to blend professional and personal life. While business casual attire is applicable in a variety of workplaces, it is often interpreted in a number of ways, making it the hardest dress code to crack. The casual wear has boomed and the business casual dress wear is slowly creeping into the workplace. However, this has somewhat led to widespread confusion, with many people failing to achieve a perfect business casual look. Here are some guidelines to help you wear a perfect casual business attire.

Whether you are a man or woman, a perfect clothing should fit well enough and this is no exception when it comes to wearing. It should not be too tight neither should it be too loose. On the same breath, it should not be too revealing. In addition to that, the garments should be pressed and in a perfect condition. This means that it should not have holes, fading or dangling threads and, most importantly, it should not be wrinkled.

Business Casual Attire For Women Business Casual Attire For Men

What to Avoid And What to Embrace

Depending on your workplace and the environment, you should be able to judge what level of business casual wear you need to be wearing. Whatever shirt you are wearing, make sure that you are clean and well groomed. Wearing a casual shirt to work is not an excuse to wear sloppy, tatty shirts. Pants made from cotton wool and microfibers as well as khakis are generally acceptable. However, knits and jeans should be given a wide berth. For women, a thumb of rule is that all skirts should fall, at least to the knee level. Most importantly, they should not reveal the thighs while sitting. Small slits to facilitate comfortable walking are, however, allowed.

For both genders, tops such as collared polo shirts and bottom down cottons are allowed, while sweaters are also allowed for women. Printed apparels and T-shirts are generally not allowed in the office, unless the shirt bears the company’s name. Unless you are working in a casual office or the weather is relatively warm, tank tops and short-sleeved shirts should be given a wide berth.

Can you Accessorize when Wearing Casual Wear to the Office?

Well, accessories are generally permitted, including discreet ones. Women can also wear scarves and a hose, especially if they are wearing short skirts. Understated makeup is also allowed provided it is not exaggerated. More often than not, both women and men prefer to wear a tie with casual attire as it can be easily removed if it makes the situation look too formal. Belts and shoes are also part of business casual wear, provided they are made from leather. If they are worn at all, prints and patterns should be subdued. While it is allowed to wear subtle stripes, vibrant patterns are not allowed at all.

When it comes to wearing business casual wear, there is a rich and vibrant options to choose from. With these endless opportunities, you can wear a wide range of attire that befits your taste and preference.

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